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Hello, right now I’m in the world smallest hotel room in HK.  Well…I’m not sure if it’s the. smallest but damn it sure is tiny.  Which is all good because I don’t see any cockroaches and it’s pretty clean and quiet.


I’ve been to HK a few times and its always fun. However, this trip was a little different… This time I met some really cool people and the vibe was always good.  I was at a local visa agent office and when I walked in there was a younger guy sitting down.  I had to fill  out some paper work for my visa and immediately he said hello. Now I know the isn’t a big deal but lately I haven’t been very social.  Then he ask me where I was from and everything…. we chatted a bit.  My point is this guy reminded me how fun it is to meet people and how just general chit chat can enhance your day.



Travelling alone almost forces you to meet new people.

I also met another local guy at a coffee shop.  We started talking and it turns out we like the same kind of music.  We also had the same interest in books and he recommended some authors I’d never heard of.  He told me Crushing It! By Gary Vaynerchuk is a good book to check out because I’m interested in social media.  I picked it up at a book store here and it’s pretty good, especially if your interested in social media and or creating or promoting a business.  I highly recommend it to any one remotely into business or marketing.

Screenshot 2019-03-01 at 7.25.07 PM

Macau Trip | Casinos and ruins from 1692 

I ended up taking a ferry to Macau for a day to explore.


Its a quick ferry ride there and tickets are cheap.   I’ve been to Macau before but I never really spent much time there.  First, I went to the Ferrari car show, which was kind of cool.  They had formula 1 cars and new and old cars as well.  My favourite was the 1980s Ferrari, Magnum P.I. style.

I met a girl from Macau and she showed me around the city a little.  She took me to some cool book store and a church in ruins from 1692, which was a lot of fun to see.  The centre city of Macau has a European feel!


If you come to Hong Kong, I recommend taking a day trip to Macau!

Here’s my video for Macau.

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