Living in Korea | First time abroad

It’s been ten years since my first teaching gig in Korea.  It was my. first time out of the States and my first time teaching.  I had no idea what to expect…

After I landed in Korea, someone from the school picked me up at the airport.  We drove in and I was very tired from the 16 hour plan ride.  I was awe struck at the number of people in Korea.  There were thousands of huge apartment builds and people on the streets.  It was a cold March day.  The city looked industrial even though it seemed to be a kind of suburb for Seoul.  Most of Incheon was new, this was the area where my school was located.  They took me directly to the school so I could get used to the time zone.  I dragged myself into the cramped office and got on line to let my family know I was alright.  for the next few hours I tried to stay awake. I had to. start classes on Monday and it was a Friday night when I landed.

Finally, the Korean assistant would take me to my apartment so I could drop off my bags and get something to eat.  He took me to McDonalds, which was fine because I was really hungry.   Afterwards I went home and fell asleep.

I woke up the next day and walked around the area where I lived.  It was a nice suburb with plenty of restaurants and bars.  I had no idea about Korea food so I ate at McDonalds again.  It’s pretty similar to US McDonalds but they don’t serve biscuits in the morning.

I walked around some more then went home.  I tried to stay awake but it was difficult because of the jet lag.

Monday came quickly,  and I had my first class.  I had all my books and waited for the students.  Waves of first graders ran through the school.  They came into the class the way kids do very loud and running around.  Finally, I got them settled and I started teaching my first class, which turned out to be great.

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