AIA#133 T-shirt problems: Muji versus Uniqlo

I wanna take about T-shirts. And shopping for T-shirts.

It’s such a pain to find a good t-shirt that fits me. You think it be easy after all, I’m not a big guy or anything, I wear a pretty normal 32-33 inch waist jean (Depending on where you shop of course). But still I find it hard to find a T-shirt that fits me.  Either they are too big or too tight.  Sleeves to long ect.

I’m no fashion expert but fit is key no matter what your look. Too big you look boyish, too small isn’t good either.

Black or grey

I almost always wear black of grey t-shirts. I just hate the way other colors look on me.  I did find a kick ass red t-shirt while in Beijing but they didn’t have my size. I’m basically, always on the hunt for a good t-shirt.


If I find a T-shirt that fits me, many time times its uncomfortable.  Something about the fabric cotton/polyester, that irritates my skin. Overtime, this can be rectified with everyday wear and washing, but it does take time.  Places like Uniqlo are great for jeans, pants, underwear and socks, but their t-shirts aren’t so great.  I did by buy a few Basquiat T-shirts at Uniqlo recently, but I’ve kind of given up on Uniqlo for T-shirts.



I’m not hating on Uniqlo because I recently bought some kick ass jeans there and they do offer free hemming services done on the spot!



Muji is a slightly higher end version of Uniqlo, they also have stationary, shampoo and home goods that are designed really well, not to mention the whole store has a nice design style.  Muji is, a little more expensive but their clothes are slightly better quality.  I’ve never really shopped there for clothes because of the price but I was desperate for Black V-neck t-shirts that were comfortable and fit me.  I tried some on and was elated to find the fit and comfort superior to Uniqlo.

Maybe, I’m picky.  But as a shopper you have to be, especially when it comes to fit and comfort.

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