AIA#144 Isolation nut case and nothing open!

Screenshot 2020-04-27 at 2.01.45 PM

I love the manga Akira, which is where this drawing is from.  Pretty amazing after 36 years it’s still relevant today.

Well, times have been a little tough lately because of the virus we are still in isolation.  So I’ve been at home more lately.  I do miss teaching and I realized how much I enjoy making it interesting for the students.  Of course it can be a tough job.

I’m very ready for the locked to be over and hopefully it will after May 6.  The I’d be lying if I said the isolation wasn’t getting to me a little.  But that’s life, you gotta make the best of it.  I do what most people do during these times, take walks and listen to podcasts, talk to old friends and family via Skype, etc.  I’m kind of lucky because I like to write and it helps me stay ground just by putting this blog up.  I remember when I started it back in my tiny apartment in Beijing a few years ago.  I’d been to six countries and wanted a place to write and record my thoughts while in Asia.  I wasn’t even sure exactly what I wanted to write about.  I just knew I want to try.

This past weekend I took the bus into the downtown area just to see if an arcade place was open.  After I got off the bus I walked I found the the arcade was closed.  The building was open with all the shops closed.  It was kind of depressing.  The wind was howling as I made my way back to the bus.  It was a strong wind that I haven’t seen many times in my life.  It literally slowed my walking and blew my headphones from my ears.  It was almost like a hurricane wind but no clouds or rain.  We are on the coast and the air is really good here.   I headed back and stopped at the grocery store.  I bought some food for later.  I forgot how expensive food is in Japan.  After I bought my groceries I headed to the bus station.  I thought thought about what I’m grateful for on the way.  The bus came I got on and rode along.  I got off and headed home.


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