Ace here….I’m in Beijing now and just hanging, drinking some tea (The tea is amazing here!).  Anyway, I just started this new blog today.  I’ve got a Patreon page that I write on a regular basis but…word press looks so much better and I really wanted a central place where I could showcase my youtube, writing and photos.   Also I’d like to have some guest writers.  If you live in Asia or travel to Asia or you’re into Japanese culture like me then hit me up!

Today, was a pretty chill day, I woke up made some coffee and checked my twitter as usual (@ace_wall_73).  I follow content creators in Japan and Asia.  Typically they are very active on twitter so there’s never a dull moment.   A few of the people I follow have blogs which is why I’m writing this now.  I’ve been active on youtube for more than a few years now and I’d like to move into writing as well as creating videos.



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