Beijing (how I got here)

Back in 2009 I was looking for a job…there was only one problem.  It was the worst time in history since The Depression, to be looking for a job.  Then I got an offer to teach English in Korea and the rest is history.


Since then I’ve lived and worked in Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Saudi Arabia and China.  It’s been an awesome journey for sure but not with out bad times.  It’s no secret teaching overseas can be tough,  horrible bosses,  dishonest schools and loud class rooms can be part of the job.  But I wouldn’t trade it for any high paying gig in the states.  I’ve gotten to see, do and experience so much, from the Buddhist temples of Bangkok to Mount Fuji of Japan…how do you put a price on that? Because if its one thing I’ve learned its this, “We only get so much time.”  It seems like we get a long life…but the truth is our lives are short.




Some people back home think I’m nuts to be living in Asia.  And hey…maybe I am a little nuts but I get moments like the ones you see above and think…I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks for reading guys.  I just want to post this quick intro.  Peace.

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